About me

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to my website

Let me introduce myself. My name is Miss Who, Genevieve Who, I am 85 years old, I know I’m old, but I’m young at heart.

I’m a fun-loving person who adores having a great time on stage with you. I am passionate about sports, especially cycling and bikes, but not just any old bike….! I also love travelling, recently I travelled to the moon, it was the opportunity of a lifetime, I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. I’m still single so I also have a fondness for men.

Through my website you will be able to discover more about me, my latest news, videos and photos. If you are lucky enough to come on holiday to Camping La Sirène in Argeles sur Mer you can discover my world with The Miss Who Show live on stage at the Sirène Arena where I perform quite regularly.

I’ll leave you to look through the photos and videos on my website, but you should know one little thing before you meet me on stage…….I can be adorable and detestable all at the same time……!!!

See you soon,

Miss Who